Giulie Speziani

Born in Miami, FL

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA

She is most notably known as the co-creator and writer of the all-ages series, Cash & Carrie. She also self-published other indie comics such as She Hears Voices and 1 Night On Earth.  She loves croissant sandwiches, drinking tea, and taking long walks with her dogs, Jake and Molly. 


2011 - By The Slice

2013 - 1 Night On Earth

2013 - Golden Age

2015 - Cash & Carrie: Sleuth 101 (Action Lab)

2017 - She Hears Voices

2017 - Tit For Tat (in Advanced Death Saves)

2018 - RED: A Golden Age Mixtape

2019 - Cash & Carrie: Book 2 Summer Sleuths (Action Lab)



2011 - Clown Fight!

2012 - Pluto Moon Base

2013 - Rainbowbeard

2013 - Golden Age

2013 - ROM Remix (via Tumblr)

2014 - Niagara

2016 - Sleigher: The Heavy Metal Santa Claus (Action Lab)

2018 - RED: A Golden Age Mixtape

Rob Harrington

Born in Brockton, MA

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


He is the writer of self published titles, Clown Fight! and Pluto Moon Base. His most recent series, Sleigher: The Heavy Metal Santa Claus is published and distributed by Action Lab: Danger Zone.